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A MIBI scan or sestamibi scan is now a common method of cardiac imaging. Technetium (99m Tc) sestamibi is a lipophilic cation which, when injected intravenously into a patient, distributes in the myocardium proportionally to the myocardial blood flow.

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Sestamibi stress test; MIBI stress test; Myocardial perfusion scintigraphy; Dobutamine stress test; Persantine stress test; Thallium stress test; Stress test - nuclear; Adenosine stress test; Regadenoson stress test. Definition. Thallium stress test is a nuclear imaging method that shows how well blood flows into the heart muscle, both at rest ...

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Jun 19, 2019· A persantine thallium stress test is a test where pictures are taken of your heart muscle. A "stress" test is usually done while a person exercises. While a person exercises, caregivers can see if areas of the heart muscle are getting enough blood.

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Sestamibi Scan - "Mibi" A sestamibi (MIBI) scan is a test that measures the amount of blood being supplied to your heart. What is a sestamibi scan? ... After a chemical or physical stress test - when your heart is beating faster after exercising on a treadmill or exercise bike;

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Nuclear stress test is an imaging method that uses radioactive material to show how well blood flows into the heart muscle, both at rest and during activity. How the Test is Performed This test is done at a medical center or health care provider's office.

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Jun 07, 2019· A Persantine stress test is a medical procedure used to detect any blockages in the heart's major arteries that may indicate coronary artery disease and other cardiac problems or complications. It works by measuring electrical outputs, both those emitted naturally by the heart and those measured against an injected substance.

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Sestamibi Stress Test What is a sestamibi stress test? This is a nuclear scanning test performed to determine how well blood is flowing to the heart muscle. It is usually performed while the patient engages in physical activity.

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The MIBI test takes place on two separate days. It examines blood flow through your heart during exercise on the first day and at rest on the second day. A physician will lead you through your stress test and you will be closely monitored while you walk on a treadmill.

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What is a nuclear stress testing? Nuclear stress testing is also known as myocardial perfusion scan, or MIBI scan. The nuclear stress test combines a nuclear scan of the heart and an electrocardiogram (EKG) with an exercise or pharmacological (medication) stress test.

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A sestamibi, or MIBI, nuclear stress test is an imaging test done to determine the efficiency of blood flow into the cardiac muscles when the heart is both active and at rest, notes MedlinePlus.

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The patient needs to exercise for as long as possible to improve the effectiveness of the test. One minute prior to the patient stopping, the radiotracer (99mTechnetium MIBI) will be injected through the drip line.

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Mar 29, 2018· A stress test, also called an exercise stress test, shows how your heart works during physical activity. Because exercise makes your heart pump harder and faster, an exercise stress test can reveal problems with blood flow within your heart.

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Apr 27, 2005· The thallium and sestamibi tests are also called "MIBI stress test" and "myocardial perfusion scintigraphy", and are used to evaluate how well your heart is perfused (supplied with blood) at rest as compared with activity.

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A stress sestamibi scan with medicine, also called a chemical stress sestamibi scan, is a test that looks at your heart muscle after it has been stressed without you having to exercise. It requires an injection of the medicine called a stress agent and a radioactive material called sestamibi …


While stress testing can be performed in a variety of ways, the most commonly used and widely available stress testing modalities are exercise electrocardiography (ECG; non-imaging) and exercise or pharmacologic stress combined with imaging (stress echocardiography or stress radionuclide myocardial perfusion imaging [MPI]).

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A cardiac stress test (also referred to as a cardiac diagnostic test, cardiopulmonary exercise test, or abbreviated CPX test) is a cardiological test that measures the heart's ability to respond to external stress in a controlled clinical environment. The stress response is induced by exercise or by intravenous pharmacological stimulation.

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Stress/Rest Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI) A Stress/Rest Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI) Study is a type of stress test that uses PET or SPECT imaging of a patient's heart before and after exercise to determine the effect of physical stress on the flow of blood through the coronary arteries and the heart muscle.


A main objective of stress testing is to assess the functional or physiological consequences of anatomic coronary artery disease (CAD). The traditional gold standard test for the diagnosis of CAD is invasive coronary angiography via cardiac catheterization.

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A nuclear heart scan is a type of heart disease test. ... and 99m-Tc-sestamibi (MIBI, brand name Cardiolite). If thallium is used, the test may be referred to as a Thallium Stress Test. At the same time electrocardiogram (ECG) patches will be attached to various parts of the body to monitor the heart rate during the test. ... Stage 1: The ...

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Like other stress tests, the nuclear stress test involves obtaining two sets of images of the heart muscle, one at rest and one while, or immediately after, exercise. This will give the doctor two images to compare to evaluate how well the heart works under stress. There are many names that a nuclear stress test can be called including:

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Cardiovascular Stress Testing CPT code 93015, 93016, 93017, J2785 - lexiscan, usage Procedure code and description 93015 (cardiovascular stress test using maximal or submaximal treadmill or bicycle exercise, continuous electrocardiographic monitoring, and/or pharmacological stress; ...

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Myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) is a non-invasive imaging test that shows how well blood flows through (perfuses) your heart muscle. It can show areas of the heart muscle that aren't getting enough blood flow. This test is often called a nuclear stress test. It …