Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Applications | Super Products

A host of industries rely on industrial vacuum cleaning systems for the removal of materials from numerous locations. Super Products' Supersucker industrial vac trucks offer a safe, reliable solution for cleaning up waste and raw materials. Visit our site to learn which truck is right for your project today.

Mining Cleaning - Simple Green

Mining Cleaning. Primary Business: Removal of minerals from below ground (shaft mining/strip mining), equipment maintenance. Description of Primary Usage:

StingRay Parts Washer | Heavy Duty Industrial Parts Washers

StingRay Parts Washer manufactures industrial heavy duty parts washers designed for large industrial aqueous component cleaning, ... It is the ideal industrial parts washer for off-road and over the road truck engines and transmissions, mining equipment engines, and marine engines.

BDM Projects - BDM Group

Mining & Construction Services. Plant Cleaning. The BDM company has a vast experience in the cleaning of Plants, Mines and Industrial sites. We maintain roads, gardens, villages and surrounding areas and offer customised ad hoc or permanent cleaning solutions for …

Industrial Mining Chemical Suppliers Canada | CCC Chemicals

Base & Precious Metals, Smelting & Refining, Industrial Minerals and Solvent Extraction ; Products. With a focus on mineral processing in Canada, we provide mining products with applications in the following industrial processes: Froth Flotation - Collectors, Frothers, Activators and Promoters, Depressants and …

Shop Floor Scrubbers | Global Industrial

Global Industrial™ Mini Floor Scrubber Quickly Cleans and Polishes Floors Global Industrial™ Mini Floor Scrubber quickly cleans and polishes tile, wood, marble and other hard floors, and can also be used to clean carpets (when used with carpet bonnets, included). The dual counter rotating nylon scrub brushes are ideal for deep cleaning of grout, tile, and heavier soils.

Sioux - Industrial Steam Cleaning Machines | Steam ...

Gas or diesel engine driven units are also available. Industrial portable steam cleaners feature an extra heavy-duty industrial steel frame that is built for extremely rugged operating environments such as mining, petroleum, contract cleaning, and the transportation industries.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment for Mining Sites - Duplex

Not only will using Duplex products provide mining site cleaning with a superior clean; but they will also reduce cleaning time, physical effort and cut chemical bills in half. So for fast, effective and versatile mining cleaning solutions look no further than Duplex.

Hencon Vacuum Technologies - Mining Technology | Mining ...

Vacuums and accessories for mining applications. We also offer smaller vacuums for light plant cleaning, as well as dedicated belt cleaning systems and robotic mechanised hose control for access to hazardous and confined areas. A wide range of accessories are also available. Custom-built vacuum systems for the mining industry

Limescale Removal for Mining | Real-life Case Study ...

Triple7 limescale and calcium removal chemicals are worksafe and eco-friendly alternatives, especially designed for use in closed circuit applications and enclosed environments common in the mining industry.Limescale build-up is a common cause of decreased performance for a wide range of critical mining infrastructure. Limescale also leads to costly equipment failures and increased risks of ...

IVAC | Heavy-Duty Industrial Vacuum Systems

Our vacuums have been used in a number of applications, from mining solutions to environmental and factory spill clean-ups. There are endless possibilities and applications for the IVAC Industrial Vacuum! The PV500 is our deluxe sand, sump, rock, slurry, and water handling industrial vacuum system.

Manual & Robotic Wash Systems for Industrial & Mining ...

The manual and robotic wash systems accommodate the larger industrial size dump trucks, earth movers, extra large tires and chassis used in the mining industries. Call us direct at +1 (734) 961-3300 to determine what wash system is best for your mining or oil vehicles.

Industrial Cleaning Services | DuPont | DuPont South Africa

Industrial cleaning services includes everything from routine maintenance to tank cleaning, and workers can encounter a wide range of hazards in often difficult or dangerous conditions. In addition to consideration of the immediate dangers associated with the inhalation of fumes, exposure to hazardous particles, chemicals and biological hazards, it is important to consider long-term aspects of ...

Industrial and Mining | ChemSystems

Industrial and Mining, a business unit of ChemSystems, has been a fixture of the chemical and mining industries for over 5 decades. It serves a large customer base, which includes mining, general industry and manufacturing, steel and power generation, automotive, marine, petrochemical, transport, fire protection as well as PVC, polyolefin and ...

Industroclean | Home

Official Website - High quality professional and industrial cleaning equipment. Serves all industries.Official Nilfisk distributor South Africa, Industries: Agriculture, Retail, Building and Construction, Warehouse & Logistics, Automotive and more

Industrial Cleaning Services, Water Blasting Services ...

With our company's roots in industrial cleaning, MPW has excelled as an industry leader. Our water blasting services, including high pressure cleaning, ultra-high pressure cleaning/cutting, high-volume vacuuming of wet and dry materials and numerous other services help your company's building looking sharp and your equipment working efficiently.

Underground Mining Equipment Cleaning - Daimer Industries

Controlling dust and debris in mining and other heavy industries is a huge challenge. The demanding environment in underground mines makes cleaning of various types of mining equipment a demanding job. Underground mining equipment cleaning requires the use of highly specialized and high-tech cleaning instruments and processes.


Based out of Gillette, Wyoming, Independent Industrial Services specializes in industrial cleaning at power plants, mines, railroads, and other industrial sites. We have trusted services due to reliable hydro-vac and dry-vac trucks with experienced operators and employees. We pride ourselves in prov

Cleaning Services - Bidvest Prestige

Bidvest Prestige Cleaning has a proud legacy of serving a broad cross-section of industries including, but not limited to the commercial, retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, industrial, mining, auto care and food hygiene sectors.

Zi-400 Industrial Cleaner - Solidus Industries | Aviation ...

ZI-400 Industrial Colloidal Cleaner. Available in: 20 Litre; 200 Litre; Where can it be used, What does it do. Zi-400's Industrial colloidal chemistry ensures that it is suitable for cleaning up the toughest stains such as carbon and blood, yet gentle enough for cleaning carpets, upholstery or plastics.

Mining, Industrial & Earthmoving Equipment Cleaning ...

TPCM is the leading provider of high pressure cleaning services to the industrial, commercial, mining and local government sectors. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience means we can undertake high pressure cleaning jobs of any size.

Tank Cleaning | Veolia Australia and New Zealand

Our world class tank cleaning services have been developed using a combination of innovative direct injection processes and robotic cleaning technologies. Utilising our techniques, we not only have the ability to clean your tank, but to lower your waste disposal costs and minimise your tank's downtime.