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A magnetic line of force is a line, straight or curved, the tangent to which at any point gives the direction of the magnetic field at that point. Properties of magnetic lines of force: Magnetic lines of force start from the North Pole and reach the South Pole externally …

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The magnetic lines of force, or flux, leave the north pole and enter the south pole. How is the earth like a magnet? Since the earth is a huge magnet with a magnetic north and south pole, the lines of magnetic force around the earth look like there is a huge vertical bar …

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Line of force, in physics, path followed by an electric charge free to move in an electric field or a mass free to move in a gravitational field, or generally any appropriate test particle in a given force field. More abstractly, lines of force are lines in any such force field the tangent of which ...

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Line of force definition is - a line in a field of force (such as a magnetic or electric field) whose tangent at any point gives the direction of the field at that point. a line in a field of force (such as a magnetic or electric field) whose tangent at any point gives the direction of …

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A line of force in Faraday's extended sense is synonymous with Maxwell's line of induction. According to J.J. Thomson, Faraday usually discusses lines of force as chains of polarized particles in a dielectric, yet sometimes Faraday discusses them as having an existence all their own as …

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Lines used to represent the magnetic induction in a magnetic field, selected so that they are parallel to the magnetic induction at each point, and so that the number of lines per unit area of a surface perpendicular to the induction is equal to the induction. Also known as magnetic flux; magnetic lines of …

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A magnetic field line or magnetic flux line shows the direction of a magnet's force and the strength of a magnet.. The idea of lines of force was invented by Michael Faraday.His theory is that all of reality is made up of force itself. His theory predicts that electricity, light, and gravity have finite propagation delays. Einstein's theory agrees with this.


Magnetic lines of force start from the North Pole and end at the South Pole. 2. They are continuos through the body of magnet 3. Magnetic lines of force can pass through iron more easily than air. 4. Two magnetic lines of force can not intersect each other. 5. They tend to contract longitudinally.

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Below is a glossary of common terms related to magnetic materials, design, and engineering: Air gap, is a low permeability gap in the flux path of a magnetic circuit.Often air, but inclusive of other materials such as paint, aluminum, etc.

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magnetic field Region surrounding a magnet, or a conductor through which a current is flowing, in which magnetic effects, such as the deflection of a compass needle, can be detected. A magnetic field can be represented by a set of lines of force (flux lines) spreading out from the poles of a magnet or running around a current-carrying conductor.

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Chapter 27 – Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces - Magnetism - Magnetic Field ... - Magnetic force perpendicular to v it cannot change the = ... so that line from S to N is in direction of B. - South and North poles represent tail and head of magnet's dipole moment, µ.

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What is magnetic force? This is the currently selected item. Cross product 1. Cross product 2. Magnetic force on a proton example (part 1) Magnetic force on a proton example (part 2) Magnetic force on a current carrying wire. Next lesson. Magnetic field created by a current. Magnetic force on a charge. Cross product 1. Up Next.

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The magnetic force on a moving charge is one of the most fundamental known. The magnetic force is as important as the electrostatic or Coulomb force. Yet the magnetic force is more complex, in both the number of factors that affects it and in its direction, than the relatively simple Coulomb force.

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However, magnetic flux does not actually flow from the north to the south pole or flow anywhere for that matter as magnetic flux is a static region around a magnet in which the magnetic force exists. In other words magnetic flux does not flow or move it is just there and is not influenced by gravity.

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Why can magnetic lines of force not intersect? What is meant by saying that a magnetic field line is a "closed loop"? What is meant by the term "flux density"? How could one "shield" a piece of equipment from a strong magnetic field? What is meant by (a) declination of the earth's magnetic field, and (b) inclination of the earth's magnetic field?

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Magnetic field is the space around the magnet where its magnetic power or influence can be detected. The magnetic field is filled with magnetic lines of force. Magnetic line of force is defined as the closed continuous curve in a magnetic field along which the north pole will move if free to do so, and its direction is given by the direction in which the isolated north pole will point.

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It is often claimed that the magnetic force can do work to a non-elementary magnetic dipole, or to charged particles whose motion is constrained by other forces, but this is incorrect because the work in those cases is performed by the electric forces of the charges deflected by the magnetic field. Force on current-carrying wire

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the magnetic force will be exactly perpendicular to the velocity, which means that the force is perpendicular to the direction of motion. since there is no component of force in the direction of motion, the work done by the magnetic force is zero and the kinetic energy of the particle will not change. the particle will change direction but not ...

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Magnetic force: Magnetic force, attraction or repulsion that arises between electrically charged particles because of their motion. It is the basic force responsible for such effects as the action of electric motors and the attraction of magnets for iron. Electric forces exist among stationary electric charges;

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Activity 1: Measuring Magnetism "Science is built up with facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house." - Jules Henri Poincare Activity Summary Students will learn about the magnetic fields of a bar magnet. By the end of

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This magnetic force calculator calculates the magnetic force which a current exerts travelling through a straight wire. The parameters which determine the magnitude of this magnetic force are the length of the wire, the magnitude of the current vector, and the magnitude of the magnetic field vector, according to the formula, F= IL x B.This formula is the same formula as the above calculator ...